These are companies I have worked for in the last 7 years, most of which I continue to work with in various ways.


The School of Life

The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture. Headquartered in London, The School of Life run classes and workshops for the public and offer a learning and development program designed to build emotional maturity in the workplace through the teaching of 20 core Emotional Skills.

My role began in helping to set up the organisation in Australia in 2014. As Head of Programs I co-ordinated the public program and as Head of Content I recruited and trained facilitators, managed new local content development and ensured participant feedback was captured and utilised in improving class experiences. In 2017 I transitioned from a full time role in the core team to a freelance role as a facilitator of classes and workshops in the learning and development program. 


Playground Ideas

Playground Ideas is a non-profit organization that supports anyone, anywhere to build a stimulating space for play using only local materials, tools, and skills. Long term studies in the developing world have shown access to early play experiences boosts life outcomes substantially. Perhaps most importantly, play builds the critical skill of self-regulation, which underpins success for a lifetime. In 10 years, Playground Ideas have reached over 1 million children. 

I aim to promote the work of Playground Ideas where and when I can. I am committed to donating 3% of my income to Playground Ideas, and encourage my clients to do the same on work I deliver for them. 

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Project Play

Project Play builds creative, dynamic, passionate and playful workplaces. Project Play programs are an environment for brains to play, providing powerful tools for professionals to develop their creative capacities. 

In 2018 I joined Project Play as a consultant and facilitator, helping to develop and deliver new programs based on Play theory and using Play methodologies. I am working with Dara Simkin, founder and CEO, to grow Project Play's impact on businesses in Australia. 


Small Giants

Small Giants was founded in 2007 by Danny Almagor and Berry Liberman to create, support, nurture and empower businesses and entrepreneurs that are shifting us to a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable world. 

In 2012 I joined Small Giants as a junior member of the strategy team, assisting the team in their work investing in social enterprise and supporting existing businesses in their portfolio. I received a fast-paced education in businesses development from start-up to maturity. In 2014 Small Giants brought The School of Life to Australia and I transitioned from Small Giants into The School of Life. 


OurSay Australia

Based in Australia, OurSay was founded in 2010 by Eyal Halamish and Matthew Gordon as a way for leaders to connect with communities on the decisions that affect them. The OurSay platform was designed to build trust and authenticity in public communication and decision making. Today, OurSay works with many governments and organisations to engage communities online about important issues at a local, state, and national level.

In 2012 I joined OurSay as it was starting to experience rapid growth. My work began in community engagement, bringing users to the platform and encouraging existing users to increase their activity. I then transitioned into systems co-ordination, working to improve the usability and metrics of the site. I then helped to develop an application of the platform to be used in crowd-sourcing questions and concerns ahead of corporate AGMs to improve stakeholder engagement in businesses. 


Dumbo Feather

Dumbo Feather is a multi-platform publishing house with a mission to tell stories that inspire change. Dumbo Feather's print magazine features long-form conversations with five extraordinary people. Each quarter Dumbo Feather scours the globe for those with a drive to make a difference, and invites them to open up about their work, their experiences and their vision for the world.

These are the interviews I have contributed: 

Daniel Handler   Issue 45 - August 2015

Daniel Handler
Issue 45 - August 2015

Seth Godin   Issue 40 - June 2014

Seth Godin
Issue 40 - June 2014

Dr Karl   Issue 39 - December 2013

Dr Karl
Issue 39 - December 2013

Jeremy Forbes   Online - November 2015

Jeremy Forbes
Online - November 2015





Bachelor of Law, Monash University

2008 - 2017

A law degree teaches the concepts, procedures and reasoning underpinning the Australian legal system, as well as a range of transferable skills such as problem solving, analytical thinking and communication. The Bachelor of Laws includes core law units, law electives and two non-law electives. It satisfies the academic requirements for admission to practice as an Australian lawyer.


Bachelor of Arts, Monash University

2008 - 2012

A general humanities degree, I focused on philosophy (major), theatre studies, politics (minor). Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental questions, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument. I fell in love with Philosophy from the first class and decided to focus my studies on logic, ethics and ancient Greece.